Monday, July 7, 2008

A Picture Or Several

Working backwards in time, then, here are a few pictures from the second bit of digging we got up to this summer. First of all, behold the glory that is the dig van, early on before it got tired:

The Archeospeedwagon at rest.

Unlike most digs, the staff dwelling for this one was actually fairly luxurious:

However, I'm sad to report that our little apartment suffered from a faunal infestation. I opened the door the first morning we were there, and this wandered in and started sniffing things:

I'm pretty sure I didn't order one...

Sigh. The things we have to put up with on digs. Anyway, she was quite friendly, and entirely willing (sometimes) to be a lap-cat. Whe belongs to the owners of the residence, and pretty much had the run of the place while we were there.

A view from the outside:

Note hideous beast, contemplating storming the place and smelling everything. Her name is Agata.

Anyway, it was a lovely place to retreat to after work, especially as it was up on a hillside, and therefore breezy. This was especially nice in the last couple of weeks, when the temperature flirted with Very Hot.

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Stealthy Dachshund said...

Looks lovely! The beast is certainly hideous, for sure.

Chorus said...

Yes, what SD said about the hideous-ness of the beast. There were a number of similar beasts on vineyards we toured, as well as some more... canine-ish types, one of whom walked back and forth behind us while we were tasting, licking the backs of our knees.