Friday, November 28, 2008

Missing Something?

A graffito from Pompeii:

equa esiquei aberavit cum semuncis honerata a d
VII Kal Septembres Decembres
convenito Q Deciu Q l Hilarum aut L Decium L
l Amphionem citra pontem

Translated (loosely):

"If somebody lost a horse loaded with saddlebags on the 25th of November, get in touch with Quintus Decius Hilarus (freedman of Quintus) or Lucius Decius Amphio (freedman of Lucius) at the estate of Mamius on this side of the bridge over the Sarno."

Nice to see people doing the right thing!


Chorus said...

Why, yes! I have not had a horse... well, ever... so I must be missing one!

Very nifty!

Crimson Rambler said...

and it's a mare, right?

Chunklets said...

Chorus: Sounds like you need to get in touch with Mssrs. Hilarus and Amphio!

CR: It is indeed a mare!