Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Which Chunklets Wanders Into The Scene Of A Murder

It is occasionally my habit, on the way to school, to bypass the bus-stop nearest home and wander across the local Quik-E-Mart. The bus stops there also, and it allows me to acquire coffee and exchange the time of day with the pleasant family that runs the joint.

However, I was foiled in that this morning. As I approached the little strip mall where the Quik-E-Mart resides, I noticed that the road was closed off by a proliferation of yellow tape with black writing on it. There was also a plenitude of law-and-order types around, all of them carrying large cameras and/or grim expressions. All evidence that Something Bad had occurred.

Fortunately, nothing had happened either to the elementary school two blocks away, nor to the aforementioned pleasant family at the little store. Unfortunately, there had indeed been an exchange of gunfire late last night, resulting in a death.

Now, I am not the sort of person who gets too worked up about the crime rate around here; in general, I think the city is still a fairly safe place. However, I also think that there has been an up-tick recently in the number of people wandering around packing heat and occasionally deploying said heat against their fellow citizens.

Seriously, folks, cut it out. Everywhere.


Stealthy Dachshund said...

Indeed. Violent crime rates are down, but the number of violent crimes I've seen in my life keeps going up!

Chorus said...

That's awful... It's like we're slowly losing our ability to solve problems any other way. Sad.