Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well, we completely forgot to haul the wizened Kobold seers away from what they assure us are absolutely vital day-to-day duties in order to have them give us their baseball prognostications before the season actually started. However, we eventually got around to it.

First of all, the wizened Kobold seers told us that they foresee a subway Series this year. "Yup," they said, "it's gonna be Brooklyn versus the Bronx!" Ok, so the seers are a little out of date (did I already mention that they're wizened?). Anyway, it's apparently going to be Dodgers-Yankees.

When pressed about the eventual fate of the Toronto Blue Jays, the seers looked shifty, and said that the Jays would probably start the season brightly, particularly in terms of offence, but that there might be some problems with the closer's spot. "After the first, oh, six or so games of the season, in which we predict that the Jays will go five and one," they continued, "the waters of divination grow murky. However, third in the AL East sounds reasonable, all things considered. Second and the wild-card are not out of the realm of possibility. Neither is fourth. As we said, the omens aren't that clear."

Play Ball! Or rather, Keep Playing Ball!

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Chorus said...

The seers are remarkably wise!