Friday, July 10, 2009

So, How Did We Do?: Part 1

Quite some time ago, prior to the somewhat recently completed soccer season, the wizened Kobold seers speculated as to how the Premiership was going to turn out. And, given that the 2009-2010 campaign is just around the corner, it's probably time to see how they did. Here then are their picks, along

Wizened Kobold SeersReality
2Manchester United2Liverpool
5Tottenham Hotspur5Everton
6Aston Villa6Aston Villa
8Manchester City8Tottenham Hotspur
9Portsmouth9West Ham United
10Newcastle United10Manchester City
11West Ham United11Wigan Athletic
12Bolton Wanderers12Stoke City
13Blackburn Rovers13Bolton Wanderers
15Sunderland15Blackburn Rovers
17West Bromwich Albion17Hull City
18Wigan Athletic18Newcastle United
19Hull City19Middlesbrough
20Stoke City20West Bromwich Albion

Some observations. First of all, the seers didn't actually do too badly, especially in the top half of the table (on the other hand, picking the top four teams in the Premiership is hardly a chore these days). They even managed to pick exactly the correct spot for Arsenal and Aston Villa! Well done seers! However, they also learned a valuable lesson: Tottenham Hotspur will always disappoint you.

Newcastle contemplate life outside the Premiership

There was less success with the bottom half; none of the teams picked to be relegated actually were. Fulham, Stoke, and Wigan all greatly exceeded everybody's expectations, and nobody really foresaw Newcastle's annus horribilis. Of the three teams selected by the seers to go down, Hull City actually came closest. They had a wild season; Hull were in the top five early on, and then completely collapsed, only securing safety at Newcastle's expense on the last day of the season.

And what about Millwall? Well, Millwall had a brilliant year, up until the last 20 minutes of it. The Lions finished fifth and qualified for the promotion playoffs, wherein they defeated mighty Leeds United in the first round. With 20 minutes to go in the playoff final against Scunthorpe, Millwall were leading 2-1, but they couldn't hold on and ended up losing 3-2. And so face another season of League 1 football, but this time there will be some big names (Norwich, Southampton, Charlton, and - heh,heh - Leeds) to keep us company.

Harris puts Millwall in front against Leeds

Next time: How did we do with Serie A?


Chorus said...

Newcastle?? Really?? Awww

Chunklets said...

Yeah, Newcastle's problems were quite shocking, and it's being suggested that they may not be back in the Premiership any time very soon. They've got serious money troubles, apparently...