Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Have Been Awarded

A Kreativ Blogger Award has come our way courtesy of Chorus! Thank you, thank you!

*waves to crowd, gives long tedious speech*

And so, down to business! First of all, I must list 7 things that I love:

  • Most sports, but especially soccer, hockey, and baseball.

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  • Cats!

  • Seafood!

  • Like the song says, giant squids (this is possibly related to the item immediately above)!

  • The poems of Catullus

  • Italy, especially the South. And the food...

  • Ancient Romans

By no means a complete list, but there you go! And now, to pass on the award to 7 other deserving blogs! Well, most of the blogs that I would normally pick have already been tagged with this, so I'm only going with two right now, with an option to add more later:

Pack Animal Existance